Sarah Fricke

Sarah Fricke has been helping people with their canine friends as a professional dog trainer and behavior counselor since 1997. Sarah began her career with extensive training in police k-9 and protection training and moved into the fields of obedience and pet dog training. Sarah focuses on teaching people how to use positive and effective training techniques to solve problem behaviors and teach good manners. Sarah firmly believes that training should be a fun, relationship building experience for people and their pets. In her off time she enjoys exploring Colorado with her partner Jon and daughter Penny. As well as playing in obedience, agility and conformation with her dogs Timber and Pippin (both Smooth Collies).

Patty Davieau

Patti Davieau

Born and raised in Sonoma, CA on a 2,600-acre ranch, the love of animal’s started. In high school, Patti started to work with a dog trainer and at that point she decided to make dog training her professional career.

In 1993 Patti started with the breed of Bernese Mountain Dogs and to this day still enjoys the breed. In the years to come she became very active in the conformation ring, obedience, agility, carting (Draft work), pet therapy work and service dog training. As she became an accredited dog trainer her career moved to becoming the area dog trainer for PetSmart and after 8 years is now with Colorado Dog Works as well as Mountain High Service Dogs. She is also an evaluator for the America Kennel Club for Canine good citizen, AKC Community Canine and Urban CGC, also a judge for the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America.

Patti is passionate about helping her client’s develop a bond with their dogs and help them to work as a team. Patti enjoys many different avenues of training including clicker training, agility, carting, all levels of obedience classes, rally, pet therapy work, and service dog training.

Linda Pic

Linda Porter

Linda has always had a special love for dogs and all animals. She started her career as a professional dog trainer in 1997 when she and her husband, John Lutenberg opened the Canine Training Academy LLC in Canon City Colorado where they currently train police and search and rescue dog teams and specialize in tracking, trailing and obedience for working dogs.

Linda has also attended numerous training schools, classes and seminars during her career as a dog trainer, including the Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers and the Karen Prior Academy, as well as working closely with Holland’s world renouned trainer Dick Staal. Linda is also currently enrolled the prestigious “Academy for Dog Trainers” and has spent numerous hours studying the science of dog behavior, training and behavior modification.

Linda conducts private dog obedience classes and coordinates and instructs tracking classes all over the US and internationally. She also assists with the beginning and advanced training for all dogs that are trained as working dogs at the Canine Training Academy.

Linda is an enthusiastic and passionate instructor who loves to share her training techniques with her clients while helping them in build positive, meaningful and long-lasting relationships with their dogs. She brings over 20 years of K9 training experience to Colorado Dog Works. In her time off, she participates in French Ring sports with her dogs.

Libby Karssen

Libby Karssen

Libby Karssen has known from a young age that working with animals was her passion. Growing up in a small town in Iowa, Libby explored many dog related fields. Since the completion of her dog training certification in 2017 from the Animal Behavior College, Libby has continued with a more in depth apprenticeship under Sarah Fricke.

Libby is passionate about puppy training, obedience training, as well as clicker training and competition work. She believes that training should be a fun and rewarding experience for both dogs and their owners.

Heidi Lengel Pic

Heidi Lengel

Heidi Lengel grew up on a farm/ranch in Burlington, Colorado.  She starting training her own dogs, when she was five years old with her stray dog Kipper, in 4-H.  She continued training and showing at 4-H dog shows with her miniature Poodle, Peachy, as well as her Australian Shepherd mix Rennie in agility, showmanship, rally-obedience and obedience. This included showing at the Colorado State Fair Dog Show.  Heidi continues to compete at obedience and rally-obedience events through AKC with Rennie.  She also has two German Shepherd/Belgian Malinois.  She has trained her female, Latti to be a certified therapy dog and is working with the male, Atlas, on scent detection skills.

Heidi attended Animal Behavioral College in the fall of 2016 and became a certified dog trainer. Heidi is now apprenticing at Colorado Dog Works under Sarah Fricke full time, and is excited about her future in dog training.